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February 24, 2009


Furch 920

We just discovered this website and are very disheartened to find out that many of the postings are dishonest and share only part of the picture. We are mostly concerned about the comments of petting zoos, and animals. We are proud owners of a petting zoo, as well as have a true love for all our animals and do not use
them for food consumption or have them in the " cruel" circumstances that this website portrays. Our animals are not transported in small areas, nor are they stuck in a pen without food or water. Once our animals return back to the farm they are allowed to roam on 20 acres grazing and enjoying life as it was meant to be. Further.....
if these animals were raised for
what God put them on this earth for ( that is to eat and for humans to survive) these animals would not have the wonderful opertunity for love and attention that they get as being used for
petting zoo animals. And in regards to disease ..... petting zoo animals are inspected by the
USDA twice a year and vet checked
to be guarenteed they are up to date on any vacinations or vet care that is needed. How about as
a society lets use our brains and
allow our children to enjoy God's
wonderful gift of animals. Further ..... lets take some responsibility as parents and perhaps wash our childrens hands
instead of pointing fingers and
blaming the petting zoo!!!!


Thank you for you comment, Furch 920; however, I believe you are missing the concept of veganism and about our stance on petting zoos in general. Contrary to your statement, vegans do not feel that animals were put on earth for human consumption. We believe that animals exist for their own purposes, that they have their own unique soul, and should therefore have their own rights on this earth as sentient beings. Which leads me to why vegans are opposed to petting zoos; this is using an animal for your own benefit and gain. It does not take into consideration the animals needs or inherent instincts as a living being. While you may claim to treat your animals with compassion, they are still being used by you for your own selfish purposes, and not left to their desires. I hope that answers your questions. If you really claim to care about animals, you would not eat them!

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