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December 10, 2008



Great post! I agree completely. PETA's done some great things in the past, but some of their strategies and tactics are getting a little time-worn. You don't persuade people by yelling at them.

Bea Elliott

Hi there... I'm here via Animal Person - I'm in agreement about PETA. I think most of the time their advocacy winds up more offensive than "effective" - The best you can do is just ignore them, I suppose...

Anyway - I wanted to address this statement of yours: "As a vegan, I am striving every day to educate others about my beliefs, but I refuse to force them upon people." I'm curious what you define as "force"? And I only ask because in my experience - (As *nice* as I am in my presentation)...
*any* conversation about "food" animals triggers extreme hostility from people...

The mere mention that their *meat* came from an animal is considered "rude" or "pushy"...

So what exactly is "forcing" (Vegan) views on others anyway?

Just wondering... Thanks for inviting comment...


Hi Bea -
Thanks for commenting. What I'm trying to articulate with the word "force" is that I don't agree with screaming in people's faces, which I know some groups choose to do. While I think all types of animal advocacy are needed, I personally don't feel comfortable with this tactic in my own life. I try to come across as "normal" as possible (in terms of my diet and choices regarding animals) to the people I encounter, and have found that this creates a much more open atmosphere to discussion about animal rights. I also have experienced, as you mention, "hostility" from people when they learn of my views on animals and my choice to be vegan. I realize many people find this threatening. As angry as I am about people's chosen ignorance and the abolutely overwhelming amount of abuse toward animals, I try to do my best not to become angry when discussing these issues. If people continue to be hostile, then I simply quit having the conversation, as I don't see it as a good use of my time or energy. I don't know if that makes any sense, but hopefully it helps better explain what I was trying to say.

Bea Elliott

Hi Colleen - yes, that makes sense - (yelling). I would see that as a form of "force" too. Guess I've just had my fill of people who wish to view any Vegan information as "force". And then where are we to go with our message?

In any case, I suppose it's like the word "kindness". Some people do indeed see themselves as "kind" to animals while never thinking of what kindness they could do simply by not eating them.

Thanks for clearing this one thing up for me -
Much appreciated :)

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