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December 01, 2008



i stopped celebrating holidays years ago, and it's always difficult for friends and family to understand. you try to explain about animal abuse, feminism, slavery, consumerism, global warming, poverty, etc, etc, depending on what holiday you're talking about. thank goddess for friends like you!


Another Thanksgiving "tradition" I find appalling is "bowling" with frozen turkey carcasses. It's bad enough humans enslave these wonderful animals, imprison them under horrendous conditions, and then slaughter them mercilessly, but to then disrespect them so completely by wasting their unwilling sacrifice is reprehensible.

Tina Jeppesen

Thank you Meagan for perfect sense to me when I get so sick of getting looked at funny (by 75% of people not all) for saying simliar things, reminds me never to stop speaking my mind as well!!

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